Design a Logo and Brand Strategy

You’re here because you probably are either starting a new business and need to start a branding strategy. The first thing most people think about is a logo. Just to clarify things very simply, a ‘brand’ is the sum total of who and what your company is including what you do, what you represent in terms of values and qualities and how your reflect those things within your marketplace and the world at large. Your ‘brand’ is like the personality and reputation of you and your company. A ‘logo’ is simply the visual representation or symbol associated with the brand. It is the visual cue that links people to your company, your products or services.

When you hire me to design your logo and begin strategizing, you will start the ball rolling by filling out a short branding questionnaire. I will review the information and then meet with you (if possible) to discuss your business needs and goals. After I’m satisfied that I understand what you and your company is all about, I will develop a visual branding strategy to help position you in your particular market. We’ll look at what you currently have in terms of visuals and create some sketches. I will then begin creating artwork for your logo and will create some options, until we have something that you are happy with and will effectively represent your business in a professional and appealing manner.

Once we have decided on a concept, I will refine the artwork as required and then create the logo along with collateral for print and web, business cards, letterhead, visuals for web, etc. The end goal is to have visual material that represents your company and what you have to offer in the best possible way.

Get started by completing this short questionnaire: